Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Community Growth: Censorship is bad, so I'm creating a competing channel (on "Discuss Disqus")

I created it just a little while ago, after watching a pair of mods on this channel childishly abuse their power. The new channel can be found here:


The new channel can be thought of as being what this channel would be, if high school students weren't being given administrative power. I introduce the group in this post


which I 've had the foresight to mirror elsewhere


but we can compact the prose down at lot, just by saying

1. I won't be getting involved unless I absolutely have to, because the channel is there so people can do what they can't do here - speak freely.

2. The mods who abused their power here, aren't welcome there. Neither are their defenders - the power mad mods don't get to be there by proxy, either.

3. I'll expect people to use their common sense.

4. Enter at your own risk, because I'm not your daddy. Unless you're female and cute, and on a particular dating site, but we needn't get into that.

Enjoy. Or not. Either way, I'll probably never know.


A comment was posted by "Elizabeth":

"Channel promotion is here: https://disqus.com/home/channe...
DD is for publisher and Reveal issues."

to which I tried to reply

I'll be happy to post something there, to, but I think you're missing the point. I'm saying that the moderators on this channel have been abusing their power and on that basis, am urging the members to jump ship.

What I'm announcing isn't just a new channel. It's a vote of no confidence. The mods on this channel are not fit to wield the authority they've been given."
but they had already locked the discussion. LOL.


I reposted this to channel chat, with slight modification, adding this comment:

"By the way - I thought I should mention that somebody at Disqus is now deleting more comments on that same article, in which I argue against a particularly anti-Muslim form of cultural intolerance. As the Islamophobia in this action can easily be seen, I'm going to be in touch with CAIR, and recommend that they initiate a class action suit against Disqus.

I'm sure there's some bit of boilerplate in the TOS that lets the company do what it just did, but when it is doing what it is doing in order to promote hatred against a protected group, I'm fairly sure that this is going to violate federal civil rights law. Their TOS doesn't override that.

I am disgusted by what I just witnessed and I should be."

Haro wrote:

"'childishly abuse their power'
Ah whatever, good luck with the channel!"

\to which I responded

"There is no 'whatever' about it. This has become a real problem. This is a comment they deleted from a problem report I filed, mentioning that the installation directions for BlogSpot.com no longer worked:

'I have great difficulty believing that Google is going to discontinue Blogger, one of the major blogging platforms.'

I posted this in response to a claim that Blogger was about to be discontinued. Under no sane standard was this an offensive remark, yet it got censored, all the same. A moderator censored something, just to prove she could. That's childish and that's a problem."

As of now (8:1l pm), neither comment has been approved. I don't know if they will be. What I do know is that I've burned away a precious day, trying to post a few reasonable remarks and dealing with people's childishness. I'm serious about contacting CAIR. What I'm not sure I'm serious about, any more, is the channel on Disqus.

If the company is going to be this bad, maybe I should just log out and never log back in. Today's performance was inexcusable. After behavior this outrageous, somebody has to be fired.