Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lindsay Lohan: I was 'racially profiled' at the airport for wearing a headscarf 5: The censorship continues

Kelly wrote

"This girl is so desperate for attention she will do and say anything to stay relevant."

to which I responded:

"That's how you see it? After over 15 years worth of Muslim bashing in America following the 911 terrorist incident, with all of that Islamophobia that only seems to be getting crazier with time, you think that Ms, Lohan would study Islam for the sake of staying 'relevant'?

The new president of the United States has gone to court to fight to be able to keep legal permanent residents of the United States from being able to simply return home, so great was his hatred for those who follow the religion in which this actress has expressed an interest. Do you imagine that her studies will make her more popular in America, help her get cast? She aligns herself with a hated minority, one whose true role in America can be seen just by looking in the direction of Guantanamo Bay where, with the approval of the general public, our government has made a mockery of the concept of due process by holding prisoners without charge for over a decade. Human rights would seem to be sacred to Americans, unless the humans beings believe that Mohammed was a prophet.

She has chosen a difficult path for herself, out of conscience. She should find that choice greeted with respect, not scorn - and you're hearing this from a Jew. We shouldn't have to share somebody's beliefs in order to respect them or her, should we?"

Horrible, wasn't that? Somebody at Disqus must have though so, for this, too, was blocked from public view as spam. I think we now know what Disqus thinks of Muslims.