Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lindsay Lohan 4: Reporting the Problem

I just emailed the following comment to the technical and administrative contact listed for EW.com at Network Solutions, and submitted it as a comment on the article from which many comments (the ones in which I rebutted the Muslim bashing) had vanished, so one way or another, they should end up seeing this.

"I posted this perfectly legitimate comment

to this article a few hours ago. It was instantly hidden (and then removed) by Disqus' faulty spam filter. I reported the problem to the company, only to get trolled and censored some more by a pair of seemingly teenaged moderators in the official help group. Ever since then, more of my comments have started vanishing in a manner that suggested human intervention. Somebody didn't like seeing that bug reported, and it's getting even with me.

The company is terminally unprofessional and completely out of control. As a commenter on this site, I would ask that Entertainment Weekly please terminate its relationship with Disqus. In this incident, they've shown that they are neither competent nor trustworthy. By forcing visitors to use their service to post to your site, you're giving those visitors a good reason to not post at all.

Who wants to put up with this?"