Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lindsay Lohan: I was 'racially profiled' at the airport for wearing a headscarf / Entertainment Weekly

"I have serious issues with the hijab, burkah and other forms of religious dress, particularly those that are significantly different for women than men."

Why is that? Seriously, that sounds a little puritanical. Think about what you're saying: that all clothing must be unisex. That men and women have to avoid doing anything that signals the fact that they are different, in their dress. Almost like you want to blur out the distinctions between the genders.

How far do you want to take that? When I and my last girlfriend went out to dinner, was she oppressed in some way because she was wearing a dress and I was wearing a suit? Having no desire to oppress my beloved, I must ask how I might make this evil right. Would it have helped if I had worn a dress? Please, forgive me for my lack of Western insight and enlightenment, but I fear I would not have the legs to pull off that look, at all. Or perhaps my poor girlfriend should have been called on to wear a suit, as if the heat were not getting to her enough, as it was?

As you assert your imagined right to tell other women how to dress, how do you get past the real inherent sexism in such a line of argument, if this is what you are saying? If men and women look different (as G-d and nature have decreed that they shall) and we do not try to hide that difference in some way, that means that women are oppressed? How? How are they any more oppressed by this than the men? Implicit in such a line of argument is the assumption that that which is male is superior to that which is female. Otherwise, how can one argue that to emphasize a woman's femininity is to diminish her? How does one get past the self-hate implicit in the very argument?

Perhaps you should spend less time examining the attitudes of these poor, ignorant people whose civilizations predate your own by thousands of years, in some cases, and spend a little more examining your own.