Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why this channel exists on Discuss Disqus | Without Censorship

Something I just posted to my new channel on Disqus:

I started this channel after reporting a misfire of Disqus' filter, and found myself being censored by an obvious adolescent calling himself "Lord Bokeh" and his equally mature sidekick "CaliCheeseSucks." I had dealt with CaliCheese once before, watching her censor and lock a previous discussion (in which I replied to somebody who tried to argue that doxxing wasn't wrong) on the basis that she didn't want to see arguments happening.

That's not how this group is going to work. As long as you make some effort to stay on topic, don't post something that really is spam (commercial advertising), don't break any laws or violate Disqus' rules, I don't care what you do in here. I'm not going to get involved. If you become a moderator on this channel, I'll expect you to take the same, nearly hands off approach. We do not get involved, just because somebody's feelings get hurt or because somebody speaks ill of the one true company, hallowed be Its name. People are here to speak freely (at least, until the company or law gets involved), and we're here to let them do that.

This channel is not the center of my life or my online activity (which isn't the center of my life, either), so if you want to mention and link to your own competing channel for discussing Disqus, as long as it isn't piece of garbage this channel was created as an alternative to. that's fine. Do you have a forum or blog on another site where you discuss Disqus? Feel free to mention it.

I didn't start this channel because I love running fora. In fact, I hate doing so, but I perceived a need. If another channel starts up, and the traffic drifts from here to there, as long as the discussions stay uncensored there, too, that's fine. My feelings will not be hurt. That will just mean that I have more time to spend on the things I do like to do, while something I feel needs to be done, does get done. Asking me if I'm bothered by that would, I think, be like asking a homeowner if he minded having his lawn moved. For free. What can one say to that other than "go ahead"? Unless one has a flower bed over which you know the kid is going to mow, but I digress.

You'll hardly know I'm here, almost all of the time. In fact, I'll hardly know after a while, because I won't be. I plan to give this channel away, just as soon as I have a good person to give it to. Do not report a discussion to me unless you have an unshakably good reason to do so (violation of the law or terms of service), because I don't want to hear about it. Yes, it can hurt to try - I'll ban people who ignore what I just said and send me silly complaints. Enter at your own risk and deal with the discussions you encounter like an adult.

That is all. With any luck, I'll never be heard from on this channel again, but since when did anybody ever have good luck on the Internet?

Comment of mine that I posted immediately after this post:

I trust we understand that neither Lord Bokeh nor CaliCheeseSucks are welcome on this channel, nor are any of their apologists. Having engaged in censorship, themselves, they forfeited their own right to speak freely, as far as I'm concerned.

Anybody who thinks that this is a philosophically inconsistent position is invited to go look up the notion of "the social contract" and then reflect on the fact that I'm not a Christian. Having been struck on one cheek, I need not offer these little brats the other.

In no way am I encouraging any sort of harassment of these two. I'd just like to see them and their power playing become irrelevant, as the channels they moderate are shunned, in favor of channels (and sites) where people can speak more freely.